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Belt Press Machine

Basic Information
Fruit Juice/Jam Production Line
Product Description

Belt Press Machine


Single Belt Press Capacity: 0.5T/H, 1T/H

Double Belt Press Capacity: 3~20T/H Customized

Press roll: SS304 & food grade rubber

Press belt material: polyurethane silk thread, food and sanitary grade, acid & alkali, resistance, easy for juicing, non-absorbent, high strength.

Belt running speed: 0~8m/min (variable frequency speed control)


-Stainless machine frame

-Equipment consist of: machine frame, press roller, material feeding device, air bag, control cabinet, pressurizing & stretching device, high pressure cleaning device, adjusting device, pomace scraping device, juice collecting tray, control cabinet  

-Automatic rectification under continuous working condition, ensure smooth operation, avoid overload, safe and reliable, whole process automated.  

-Material feeding width, thickness adjustable

-Equip with cleaning device, to clean the press belt under continuous working condition, ensure the juicing effect and rate





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