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YUXIN is famous high-end equipment manufacturer and service provider, we are in top rankings, especially in the field of beer equipment and wine equipment. We elaborately customize innovative-technology in personalization for every brewer/winemaker. We are not only the leading beer/wine equipment manufacturer, we know more about culture and unique process of beer/wine, while respecting for tradition, we keep on carving and striving to make the products more useful, reliable, energy-saving, high-efficiency and beautiful, so that customers can get benefit from it.
We focus on stainless steel vessels and pay attention to high-end manufacturing and sincere service. Our stainless steel vessels have been widely applied in the following fields: craft beer, hard liquor, wine, dairy products, beverage and so on. We always attach importance on the customer-orientied research and development, you will be assured of the top levels of quality and professional service anytime.
Your perfect brewing is our passion!